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The journey of Di Pro in quest for making marketeers go 'WOW'

Di Pro is brought to you by Deepak Gurnani of Di Impex ( and is based out of Ahmedabad. He has been successfully running his decade old firm that has become a leading name in its respective field. This venture assures that Di Pro keeps coming up with unique Digital Marketing products!

Journey So Far & Roadmap Ahead


Di Pro is founded

Deepak Gurnani kickstarts Di Pro with launch of 2 ready products: Digital Bags & Digital Standees.


Plan launch for customized LED plates across various materials

Work is underway on developing couple of customized products like Food Delivery Bags fitted with LED panel on 3 sides and having LED panels fabricated/tailored at back side of Cabs & Autos.

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In the NEWS

Di Pro in the NEWS

Coming Soon... some hot news coverage!

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