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The journey of Di Pro in quest for making marketeers go 'WOW'

Di Pro is a partnership entity between Deepak G. of Di Impex ( & Amish S. of Prosmit by SMIT Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd ( Both the founders are based out of Ahmedabad and have been successfully running their decade old firms that have become leading names in their respective field. This JV thus assures that Di Pro keeps coming up with unique Digital Marketing products!

Di Pro was ideally coined from the initial names the respective firms of both founders but eventually did also stood as an abbreviation for Digital Products. Lucky us!

Running the Show

Amish S.


Amish Linkedin.png

Di Pro is Amish's 2nd venture. As a co-founder of Di Pro, he aims to bring the most innovative D-OOH or Digital Marketing Products in the Indian market.


His 1st venture, Prosmit by SMIT Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd has been around since 2011 and is considered a pioneering entity in the Digital Marketing ecosystem of Ahmedabad. As a Director at SMIT Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd, he has successfully steered the company to a niche space.

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Journey So Far & Roadmap Ahead


Di Pro is founded

Both Deepak G. & Amish S. enter into partnership firm Di Pro and launch with 2 ready products: Digital Bags & Digital Standees.


Plan launch for customized LED plates across various materials

Work is underway on developing couple of customized products like Food Delivery Bags fitted with LED panel on 3 sides and having LED panels fabricated/tailored at back side of Cabs & Autos.

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In the NEWS

Di Pro in the NEWS

Coming Soon... some hot news coverage!

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